Corporate Services

AABB provides the highest-quality resources and services in support of the transfusion medicine and biotherapies community throughout the world.  AABB’s staff and community of experts includes leaders in the field of transfusion medicine and biotherapies. Our community is focused on sharing our knowledge and expertise to achieve AABB’s vision of advancing transfusion medicine and biotherapies—from donor to patient, from lab to bedside.

National Blood Exchange

AABB’s National Blood Exchange (NBE) is a nationwide resource-sharing program coordinating the distribution of blood to meet demand across the United States. The NBE works to ensure an adequate blood supply nationwide by helping blood collection facilities easily and efficiently move surplus blood to areas in need, while providing hospitals with additional blood if their current supply cannot meet anticipated needs.

Consulting Services

AABB Consulting Services, a division of AABB that operates independently of the Association's Accreditation Programs, is a leader in developing innovative strategies to advance optimal quality and safety for transfusion medicine and biotherapy facilities. AABB Consulting Services experts provide strategies and solutions in quality management and process improvement systems.

Global Services

AABB Global Services provides technical assistance to advance optimal quality and safety for blood and biotherapies facilities throughout the world. AABB Global Services work includes training, development of clinical guidelines and country-specific standards, and outreach to ministries of health.

AABB Corporate Partner Program

AABB’s Corporate Partner Program is designed for corporate members of the blood and biotherapies community. This unique Program offers corporate entities new and innovative avenues to connect with professionals in the field. It also offers the opportunity to work directly with AABB to help support education, resources and other tools that are critical for the community to grow and thrive.

AABB Biotherapies Corporate Member Program

This unique industry membership offers a pivotal opportunity for biotherapies companies to deliver high-quality solutions – faster and at a lower cost. Accelerate your journey to market while profiting from AABB’s years of experience and vast education and networking opportunities.

AABB Supplier Guide

The AABB Supplier Guide is the premier online directory for products and services used by those in the blood and biotherapies field. It is useful for professionals to learn more about relevant products and services, and for corporate members of our community to showcase their offerings.

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

AABB offers myriad advertising and sponsorship opportunities. These offerings provide an ideal opportunity to show your company’s support for the field and connect with your target audience of professionals in the blood and biotherapies community.

FDA Third-Party Review

AABB is approved as a Third-Party Reviewer by the FDA. AABB is approved to conduct primary review for eligible devices for the FDA 510(k) process, which is used for most medical devices to receive marketing clearance in the United States.

Standards-Compliant Products Program

AABB's Standards-Compliant Products Program benefits both vendors and customers by offering assurance that products for the blood and biotherapies community are in compliance with AABB Standards. Products that achieve this recognition have been thoroughly reviewed by AABB and have been confirmed as adhering to the AABB Standards that relate to equipment, process control and document control.

Cellular Starting Material Qualification

AABB’s Cellular Starting Material (CSM) Qualification helps accelerate supplier qualification for biotherapies companies relying on AABB-accredited facilities to support advanced therapies. AABB-accredited facilities achieving the CSM qualification have demonstrated that their quality system meets or exceeds AABB’s evidence-based Standards for the collection, storage and/or processing of cellular starting materials.