Accreditation Portal (APEX)

The AABB Accreditation Portal (APEX) makes it easier for facilities, assessors and current/prospective institutional members to access and track their assessment information online. APEX has a highly responsive interface, quick document uploading capabilities, alternative communication channels and instant access to tools you use the most.

Features Include:

  • Keep your facility information current – Access your facility profile and update your information anytime.
  • Alerts and notifications – Receive alerts of upcoming deadlines, overdue tasks, missing assessment documentation and more.
  • Document repository – Tag and organize your facility documents using file categories such as AABB Accreditation Documents, CLIA & State Licenses, Policies & Procedures, Proficiency Testing and more. These tags will help to enhance search capabilities and better organize your content. Furthermore, multiple files can be uploaded at one time by simply dragging and dropping them.
  • Self-assessments – Access the self-assessment feature to prepare for an upcoming assessment or to perform internal audits for quality assurance. Filter information to view only the sections necessary to you, easily view past assessments and use the 'save and continue' option to pick up where you left off whenever you need.

Are You an Approved AABB Assessor?


Access your assessor profile to:

  • Communicate with the Accreditation team - Upload your picture and communicate with your team members using the built-in messaging feature.
  • Work with facility assessment data on and off-line – All data gathered during the assessment can be entered into the portal with or without internet service. Data entered into the portal while offline is automatically uploaded when service is reconnected. Watch this video for an overview of the AABB Assessor Mobile App.
  • Easily refer to AABB resources for guidance on assessments – Current regulations and guidance documents will be available for access at any time.
  • Track pending and completed assignments – Know exactly which step you are on during an assessment, handy when completing reports for your CE information.

Not AABB-Accredited?

Start the AABB Accreditation Process today.

Our upgraded technology will assist facilities beginning the application process by providing:

  • A centralized self-paced application process
  • Guidance for each step of the application process
  • Recommendations for additional resources
  • Application status updates

For additional information regarding the platform, please contact