AABB Accreditation Process

Accreditation Phases and Expectations

  • There are two phases involved with achieving AABB accreditation for the first time or adding a new activity: the self-assessment phase, followed by the on-site assessment phase.
  • The majority of facilities complete both the initial self-assessment phase and the on-site assessment phase in 1 – 2 years and achieve AABB accreditation. Much of this will depend on the readiness of the facility when the process begins, the knowledge of the facility’s staff, and the amount of time and resources available to work on the AABB accreditation process.
  • Once a facility becomes AABB-accredited, it must go through the accreditation process (on-site assessment phase) every two years.
  • The expectations of an AABB assessment are that all standards are addressed in policies, processes and procedures (PPPs), and that PPPs are followed as written.
  • Please note that a facility must be in operation for a minimum of 6 months (in the desired accreditation activity) before the initial accreditation process can begin.

Steps to Become AABB-Accredited

  1. Determine activities for which accreditation is desired.
  2. View information about AABB Institutional Membership Pricing for accreditation.
  3. Indicate individuals who will be involved in the accreditation process.
    1. Non-member facilities submit a completed Institutional Membership Application.
    2. AABB accredited facilities adding a new activity submit a completed New Activity and Facility Personnel Contact Information form (includes a line to list the activity being added).
  4. Fill in qualifying details for the accreditation activities of interest.
    1. Locations Table – Lists what types of activities are performed at which locations.
    2. Additional information for activities listed after each bullet below:
  5. Email information from #3 and #4 above to accreditation@aabb.org.
  6. Pay dues (invoice received by email).
  7. Perform the self-assessment in APEX, AABB’s on-line accreditation portal.
  8. Proceed to on-site assessment after AABB reviews and approves the self-assessment.
  9. Achieves AABB accreditation upon successful completion of the on-site assessment including resolution of any nonconformances.
  10. Please note that advertising any relationship to AABB is not permitted until the facility/new activity becomes accredited and receives their AABB certificate. Once eligible, facilities must adhere to the AABB-Accredited Brand and Logo Usage Guidelines.

+1.301.907.6942 | accreditation@aabb.org