Assessor Information

AABB Assessors Are at the Heart of AABB Accreditation

AABB assessors are at the heart of safe blood and biotherapies. As a vital part of the AABB Accreditation Program, these knowledgeable and highly skilled health care professionals ensure that facilities are in compliance with the exacting standards set by AABB. These rigorous standards make accreditation by AABB highly sought after by facilities worldwide.

AABB assessors are a select group of experts in the field who are passionate about continually learning, teaching others - on assessments and at their home facility - ensuring quality, and ultimately making lifesaving blood and biotherapies safe for donors and patients.

Who Are AABB Assessors?

They're professionals just like you! They're AABB members, who are highly educated with a minimum of a bachelor's degree, and at least 2 years working in their field. They live all over the world, and they share a deep commitment to quality blood and biological products.

If you've just started thinking about becoming an assessor or if you are almost ready to take the plunge, read what one of our current assessors says about their work.

How Much Training and How Many Assessments Will I Need to Do?

AABB understands that you’re volunteering to be an assessor. The time commitment is minimal. You can expect the front-end administrative and training process to take 3.25 hours, which includes watching a series of training videos. From there, you will be matched with a lead assessor to perform two supervised assessments in the field. We ask that you perform two assessments as a full-fledged assessor per year. That's all we ask, though you are welcome to volunteer for more assessments as your work and life schedules allow. There will be a networking session at the AABB Annual Meeting, if you want to spend some in-real-life time with the AABB Accreditation staff and your fellow assessors.

How Do I Become an AABB Assessor?

There's never been a better time to become an AABB assessor. The new streamlined process is now online with virtual training and a live session with AABB accreditation staff. Start by reviewing AABB assessor qualifications, requirements and responsibilities.

If you are ready to apply to become an AABB Assessor, please do so through our online application system. Once your application is received, AABB staff will review it. Training includes completing a series of online modules and passing a final test followed by a virtual meeting with the members of accreditation team.

AABB’s Assessor Training Program is accredited by IEEA, and is one of only a few accredited training programs in the world.

For Facilities

Having an AABB assessor working at your facility is a mark of excellence and prestige. It’s also a great learning opportunity and the chance for everyone at your facility to stay abreast of changes and improvements in quality systems. And of course, having a quality leader on staff with the knowledge and expertise to routinely assess operations at other facilities looks good on you.

Questions? Contact AABB's Accreditation team at or +1.301.215.6942