Billing Guide

AABB's Billing Guide is intended to assist hospitals, clinicians, billing and coding professionals involved with the utilization and subsequent billing of the services and procedures associated with the use of blood and transfusion. This revision is made possible through the efforts of the AABB Coding and Reimbursement Committee and the support of the Commonwealth Transfusion Foundation.

Many U.S. hospitals do not bill accurately, or at all, for blood transfused in the inpatient setting. Failure to bill appropriately for blood can hinder patient access to new technologies and potentially can affect the hospital's bottom line. The Billing Guide is intended to help hospitals bill accurately and completely for blood products and services. Though AABB does not provide any guarantees of reimbursement, the intent of this publication is to assist hospitals in understanding the billing rules and procedures that apply for Medicare and other payers.

AABB Billing Guide for Blood Products and Related Services is available at no cost for download.