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AABB Biotherapies Corporate Member Program

What is AABB’s Biotherapies Corporate Membership?

This unique membership type offers a pivotal opportunity for biotherapies companies to deliver high-quality solutions for patients – faster and at lower costs. Developed to cater to the need of biotherapy companies in start-up mode, at the commercial stage or in between, AABB’s new Biotherapies Corporate Membership aims to help fill the need for solutions that ease the pressures of rapid growth, high demand, regulatory adherence and consumer understanding.

Increase your speed to market with quality partners and expert guidance. Ease challenges faced by biotherapies companies including workforce development, quality systems control and regulatory support.

Biotherapies Corporate Membership

Who is the AABB Biotherapies Corporate Membership for?

The Biotherapies Corporate Membership has something unique to offer companies operating at all stages in the biotherapies space. Whether your company is in start-up mode, at the commercial stage or in-between, this flexible membership can be tailored to provide you with the tools needed to succeed.

This membership is ideal for companies who could benefit from support in:

  • Accelerating supplier qualifications, reducing time to market for new products.
  • Navigating FDA and other regulatory requirements.
  • Strengthening a supply chain of facilities qualified to provide cellular starting material
  • Achieving workforce readiness and capacity.
  • Ensuring staff is trained on issues pertaining to compliance, quality systems and the latest techniques.
  • Connecting with a team of experts on questions or concerns.
  • Identifying areas of growth or expansion.


A Dedicated AABB Account Executive as your central point of contact to maximize your exposure to the AABB community.

Margie Boraz

“From the very beginning of their membership, biotherapies companies will be provided with private onboarding and customized training with highly experienced consultants. The membership package includes a retainer package with AABB’s world-renowned consulting service team, which will not only help each corporate member connect with off-the-shelf benefits, but will also allow for customized services to meet each company’s needs.”

- Margie Boraz, Director, Business Development

5 Individual AABB Memberships

AABB individual membership for up to five staff members, which provides access to members-only content, complimentary educational events, member discounts and much more.

Exclusive Access to AABB’s Curated Biotherapies Library

Comprising exclusive products and resources that have been curated or created by experts, all with a specific focus on the benefit they offer to biotherapies professionals.

The Biotherapies Library includes:

  • Expert-developed training programs
  • Quality management system resources, such as AABB standards and accreditation tools
  • Key publications and eCasts
  • Regulatory updates and content
Biotherapies Corporate Membership Library

Up to $10,000 Consulting Services Package with AABB’s highly-trained and world-renowned expert consultants who can offer insight, guidance and a variety of services customized to your needs.

Brand Visibility and Recognition

Grow your brand with guidance and insight from a dedicated AABB account executive and widespread distribution of your profile through AABB channels.

And More

See our Full Benefits PDF.

How to request more information or apply?

Reach out to AABB’s sales team today and profit from AABB’s years of experience in Biotherapies and Blood. Contact Margie Boraz Director of Business Development at AABB at mboraz@aabb.org.

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