AABB Commendable Practices

Commendable practices are those developed and used by AABB-accredited facilities that, in the opinion of the assessor(s), are exceptional and novel ways of meeting AABB standards. The AABB Accreditation and Quality department and AABB accreditation committee(s) review and approve all commendable practices.

While educational exchange is an important function of AABB's Accreditation Program, it is important to emphasize several key points. First, facilities are cautioned against adopting any of the enclosed practices without first evaluating whether they fit with existing operations and modifying them accordingly. Second, while the sample(s) enclosed represent best practice in the opinion of the AABB assessor(s), adoption of these methods shall not be taken as a guarantee that nonconformances will not be found during subsequent accreditation assessments. Facilities are asked to ensure they are meeting the intent of the current standards when implementing Commendable Practices. AABB is not responsible for nonconformances due to use of Commendable Practices.

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